Recruiting Process Employers | Needs Assessment


It is important that we fully understand what your unique hiring needs before we can begin a successful search. Your job requirement is more than just a list of technical skills, so the first step is to conduct an intake meeting with the hiring manager and/or any other people who are involved in making hiring decisions. When possible, we prefer to do this meeting onsite, especially for new clients, as we feel it is very beneficial to see the work environment for ourselves; however, even a 10 minute phone call can save everyone involved hours of time to make sure we get the right candidates presented from the get-go!

In this meeting we will review and analyze your specific needs including:

  • Critical requirements vs. nice-to-have
  • Personality / culture
  • Reporting structure
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Your hiring process
  • Challenges
  • Companies to target
  • Discuss market trends
  • Anything else not found on job description
  • If you have not written a job description we can also write one for you

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