How To Answer, ‘Why Do You Want To Work Here?’ In An Interview


It seems like a simple and innocent enough question, but your answer can make or break you in an interview! Please do not immediately say how much you like their vacation policy or awesome benefits (you laugh, but it happens more than you realize). Sure, these are great reasons to stay with a company but if that’s your only motivation you won’t stay happy for long.


As JFK would say, “ask not what (they) can do for you, but what you can do for them!” It sounds cliché but this question is not only an opportunity for you to show your interest but to further sell yourself to the interviewer on why you are a good fit.


Read more here (click for link) and remember to highlight these points when forming your response (be sure to think this response through before going in to an interview so you have something prepared to say):


Show your fit:

  • Professionally

  • Culturally

  • Personally