How to think about your career.


Great article (click for link) about self-reflection and taking ownership over your career and the direction it can/will go!


“Your career is defined by your skills and how you’ve used them, not by any external measure of your progress.”


It’s not just about what you can do to get a promotion, it’s about what skills can you learn to increase your overall impact and long-term success within your career. Always remember to invest in yourself and in growing your skills in a way that helps you to achieve your long-term goals.


“Treat your manager as a coach, not as a judge.”


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The best leaders are meant to guide you to fulfill your full potential. Sure there are managers out there that are only looking out for themselves but that’s a whole other story (and a boss you should run away from). I guarantee you that if you ask any successful person how they got to where they are today, they will say that had a good mentor to help them along the way.


“Create a mental image of yourself mastering the skills you most want to master, and believe that that is in your future”


I’ve found that in most cases I am my own worst enemy when it comes to achieving particular goal or overcoming a challenge. If you do not believe you are capable, then you will never be capable. The mind is a powerful tool and if you approach a goal or challenge with a positive mind-set that you will succeed, then you most likely will! I also firmly believe in the “fake it until you make it” mind-set. Not that I am advocating trying to be put forward a false impression but sometimes you have to exude confidence to succeed, even if you are trembling inside. As you continue to work towards whatever goal you have, you will find yourself more and more comfortable!


“You own your career, and you have more of an ability to shape it than anybody else.”


The most important idea in this whole article perhaps is that you must take ownership over your career and the direction it goes. You will have help along the way and you will have people in your way, but you cannot fully blame or credit anyone else for your success or failures in life.